The widespread availability of ChatGPT and its alternatives has effectively leveled the playing field for marketers, no matter the industry you’re in. If you’re a marketer, you’re likely part of the 77% already using AI in their marketing strategies. The key to gaining an edge now, lies in mastering effective ChatGPT prompts for marketing your business—and in your own prompt engineering skills.

Learning your way around complex ChatGPT prompts isn’t always super straightforward (it takes a lot of experimentation), but that’s where we come in. Here at RightBlogger, we not only develop our own AI tools for marketing teams, but we’ve used them to quickly grow our own business, as just a 2-person team. Plus, my co-founder Andy has been immersed in the AI space for years, and we got in early on building tools for fellow marketers.

We’ve kept a close eye on key developments in the space (and document it all on our blog), along with integrating the best of what each AI model has to offer, into our suite of 75+ tools for creators. If you couldn’t tell, I’m really proud of what RightBlogger has become ☺️

In this guide, I’m sharing my 24 best ChatGPT prompts for marketing teams to use today. And we’ll be breaking down insights on how you can maximize your use of ChatGPT as a marketer in ✨ today’s digital landscape ✨ lol.

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24 Smart ChatGPT Prompts for Marketers to Use (Free Copy & Paste Templates)

To help make this big ol’ list of my favorite ChatGPT marketing prompts easy to navigate, I’ve organized all the prompts into sections based on what their best use case is. Hop around to your heart’s delight.

👋 Important Tip: ChatGPT prompts are only as effective as you are. If you type in a one-sentence prompt, don’t expect the outputs to blow you away. If you’re vague, ChatGPT will be working with a very wide range of possibilities. Be extremely specific, wherever you can in your prompting, and your results will be so much stronger. Highly detailed prompting is part of the secret sauce powering RightBlogger, hehe.

ChatGPT Prompts for Social Media

One of the areas where ChatGPT really shines for your marketing efforts, is in repurposing your content across many different platforms.

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If you wanna promote your blog posts (or other creations), taking to the right social media platforms where your audience is spending time, is a great strategy. You don’t wanna just shout into the void about your content, though.

The right social media ChatGPT prompts, like my favs I’ve honed here, will help you come up with more engaging approaches that are designed around starting conversations, and building relationships with your potential audience. So, let’s dive in.

1. Create a Social Media Plan:

Plan your social media strategy with a detailed, month-long schedule to boost engagement during key periods.

You're an experienced social media marketer with a knack for creating highly engaging posts for your brand. Create a 1 month-long social media plan with a focus on summer festivities, specifying which days and times to post on our social channels for maximum engagement. Include a mixture of recommendations for different post types designed around driving audience discussions, inspiring engagement, asking questions, and others you recommend based on brands successfully using social media in the [OUR INDUSTRY] industry. Include a few examples for all post types you recommend.

2. Write Tweets (X/Twitter Posts):

Craft engaging and authentic Twitter posts to spark conversations and drive interest in your brand.

You're trained as an experienced social media marketer. With a focus on driving interesting discussions or inspiring thoughts of checking out our product, draft a series of Twitter posts [TWEET TOPIC]. Don't be cheesy. Write as if you're a real human. Don't overtly sell our product or brand, encourage followers to interact with the tweets.

Check out the Tweet/X Post Idea Generator inside RightBlogger.

3. Write Facebook Ad Copy:

Generate concise and compelling Facebook ads tailored to different audience segments for better click-through rates.

Generate Facebook advertisement copy that's optimized for clickthroughs for our product [PRODUCT NAME]. Keep the ad copy short, straight to the point, and without unnecessary words that don't provide value or help concisely communicate why someone should [ACTION TO TAKE]. Lean on these key features, benefits, and selling points, to drive home the uniqueness and value our product offers our customers: Feature, benefit, selling point one. Feature, benefit, selling point two. Feature, benefit, selling point three. Create at least 3 variations of the Facebook Ad copy tailored to our main audience segments. Use these [X] different audience segments: Audience segment one. Audience segment two. Audience segment three.

4. Write LinkedIn Posts:

Develop engaging LinkedIn updates that resonate with your professional audience and spark meaningful discussions.

Compose 10 potential LinkedIn updates for [PERSON] discussing [TREND, EVENT, TOPIC, ETC] in [YOUR INDUSTRY]. Use a mix of post types, designed to engage LinkedIn followers who care about our industry. Be sure to include commentary on why each post is likely to be successful at engaging an audience.

Check out the LinkedIn Post Generator inside RightBlogger.

5. Plan a Social Media Crisis Strategy:

Prepare a comprehensive plan to manage social media crises effectively, drawing lessons from past industry mistakes.

You're a veteran social media marketing executive with experience managing PR disasters and social media crises. Outline a step-by-step plan for managing a social media crisis for [YOUR BUSINESS] at [YOUR WEBSITE] for a wide range of at least 10 of the most common scenarios. Be direct, straight to the point, helpful, and prescriptive. Gather inspiration from mistakes to avoid from other social media crises or PR fails in [YOUR INDUSTRY] over the past 10 years. Include at least one real life example for each of the scenarios.

ChatGPT Prompts for Marketing Strategy & Planning

ChatGPT Logged In Homepage (Screen Shot)

Now, let’s take a look at my top ChatGPT prompts that are geared more towards larger-scale marketing planning efforts & strategy considerations.

6. Create a SWOT Analysis:

Analyze your product’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to identify areas for improvement and growth.

Generate a SWOT analysis on [YOUR PRODUCT, SERVICE, IDEA—MORE DETAIL IS BETTER HERE] within [YOUR INDUSTRY]. Gather insights, learnings, and lessons from similar products operating in our industry, and identify areas of clear opportunity where our product can stand out, based on the weaknesses of other competitors.

7. Prepare a Product Launch:

Compile a checklist of essential assets and materials needed for a successful product launch in your industry.

Compile a checklist of the assets and materials we'll need in order to plan a marketing launch for our new [PRODUCT, SERVICE, ETC—BE DETAILED HERE] available at [YOUR WEBSITE OR PRODUCT PAGE]. Sort all of the suggested launch materials based on category, and give brief guidance on how to approach the creation of each asset. Be creative, but keep a focus on the fundamentals for a modern launch in [YOUR INDUSTRY]. Draw inspiration from other recent successful product launches in our industry, include specific suggestions on which avenues are likely to be most successful, and advise on how we can uniquely stand out from competitors.

8. Design a Customer Loyalty Program:

Create innovative loyalty programs to enhance customer retention and encourage repeat purchases.

Design a customer loyalty program aimed at improving customer retention. Come up with clever ways of incentivizing current customers of [YOUR BUSINESS] at [YOUR WEBSITE] to [MAKE ADDITIONAL PURCHASES, UPGRADE THEIR ACCOUNT, ETC GOAL]. Outline the structure of the plan, how it will be effective, what the estimated uptake will be from our current customers, and why they should join the loyalty program. Make sure to offer clear benefits to customers. Come up with 3 distinctly different customer loyalty program ideas for me to consider.

ChatGPT Prompts for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Here are my favorite time-tested ChatGPT prompts for SEO (search engine optimization). Let’s dive in.

9. Write Meta Titles & Meta Descriptions:

Generate optimized meta titles and descriptions to improve click-through rates and search engine rankings.

You're a seasoned SEO professional that's skilled at writing engaging headlines and descriptions with high clickthrough rates. Write 3 meta titles and 3 meta description options for my blog post on the topic of [TOPIC OR IDEALLY FULL TITLE]. Be creative, but don't use cheesy or superfluous words that distract from the goal of encouraging readers to click on the article.

Check out the Meta Title & Meta Description tools inside RightBlogger.

10. SEO-Optimize a Blog Post:

Get actionable insights to enhance your blog post’s SEO performance and boost its ranking in search results.

You're a veteran blogger and SEO professional with deep experience in optimizing content to rank high in organic search results. Create a shortlist of actionable optimizations to this post [ARTICLE URL] that will help it rank higher in organic search. Take inspiration from other top-ranking content for the topic [PRIMARY KEYWORD PHRASE] and suggest clear improvements based on what's working well with current top-ranking results. Don't copy or imitate the other articles, use them for inspiration and insights only.

Check out the Content Gap Analysis tool inside RightBlogger.

11. People Also Ask Ideas (genius for finding long-tail keyword ideas):

Identify popular questions related to your keyword to create content that addresses common queries and attracts more traffic.

Generate a list of the top 5 to 10 People Also Ask queries for the keyword phrase [YOUR TARGET KEYWORD PHRASE] and format the results as questions that can be answered by blog posts.

Check out the People Also Ask tool inside RightBlogger.

Email Marketing ChatGPT Prompts

Idk about you, but the last thing I wanna do after spending hours filming a YouTube video or writing an in-depth blog post, is shift gears & immediately write a captivating email about the content for my audience.

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Writing first draft email copy is another area where ChatGPT (and tools like our Newsletter Tool here inside RightBlogger) really take the mundane off your plate. Here are my favorite email marketing ChatGPT prompts.

12. Email Subject Lines:

Develop attention-grabbing email subject lines to increase open rates for your campaigns.

You are an experienced, professional email copywriter. Develop a list of engaging email subject lines for our upcoming Cyber Monday campaign. Be creative, but don't overdo it. Optimize for encouraging the recipient to open the email. Only capitalize the first letter of the first word in the subject line. Don't use exclamation points or emojis. Give me 10 variations

13. Newsletter Topic Ideas:

Generate creative newsletter themes to keep your audience engaged and interested in your content.

Generate newsletter theme ideas for [YOUR BUSINESS] at this [YOUR WEBSITE] website. Give me at least 25 newsletter topic ideas and corresponding subject lines. Focus the topic ideas on a mix of different, interesting styles of emails designed to pique the interest of our audience of [DESCRIBE YOUR AUDIENCE]. Feel free to use current and upcoming events, and trending themes if there's anything relevant to draw inspiration from.

14. Newsletter from Blog Post:

Craft concise and compelling email newsletters that drive traffic to your latest blog posts.

You're a skilled copywriter with a knack for writing emails that get high open and click rates. Write an email newsletter to promote this blog post [ARTICLE URL OR TOPIC] in a similar voice, style & tone as the article, itself. Include at least 5 suggestions for potential email subject lines, capitalizing only the first letter of the first word. Keep the email brief and straight to the point, including only the crucial information that will encourage readers to click and read more in the full article. Do not write more than 200 words.

Check out the Newsletter Tool inside RightBlogger.

ChatGPT Prompts for Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Ah yes, the influencers. Today, influencer marketing is one of the most natural ways to reach a highly engaged, captivated audience.

By forming partnerships and working on win-win collaborations with other creators who speak to the audience you also want to reach, you’re immediately tapping into your target market. Here are a few of my favorite influencer marketing ChatGPT prompts.

15. Influencer Marketing Campaign Ideas:

Brainstorm unique and engaging influencer campaign ideas that align with your brand and resonate with your audience.

Brainstorm a list of clever, creative, and interesting influencer marketing campaigns with influencers who are passionate about [YOUR NICHE]. The themes of the campaign ideas must relate back to our company [YOUR COMPANY NAME] at this website [YOUR WEBSITE URL]. Don't be overly self-promotional with the campaign ideas, focus on coming up with genuinely fun and interesting ideas to drive engagement in our industry.

16. Find Active Influencers:

Identify influential personalities in your industry who can help amplify your brand’s reach and engagement.

Identify examples of at least 5 to 10 active influencers in the [YOUR INDUSTRY] industry with large followings on their social media accounts. Make sure the influencers have posted at least 3 times to at least one of their social accounts in the last 90 days.

17. Plan an In-Person Influencer Event:

Come up with creative ideas for in-person events to connect with influencers and promote your brand.

Come up with ideas for a creative, fun in-person marketing initiative with influencers who are passionate about [YOUR INDUSTRY]. The event will be located in [CITY]. Use inspiration from other well-known, successful influencer marketing campaigns from around the world and apply them to my [YOUR NICHE] industry and [YOUR BUSINESS] business at this [YOUR WEBSITE] website.

Content Marketing ChatGPT Prompts

Content marketing has been my jam for well over a decade as a creator. And while this section could probably be endless, here are my absolute favorite ChatGPT prompts for content marketers.

18. Brainstorm Article Ideas:

Generate a diverse range of article ideas to keep your content fresh and engaging for your audience.

You're an experienced content marketer. Propose 25 new article ideas about [SUBJECT] that haven't been covered on [YOUR WEBSITE URL] and tailor these ideas to our audience of [DESCRIBE YOUR AUDIENCE]. These article ideas should include a mix of formats and angles including how-to, what is/are, mistakes to avoid, tutorials, reader questions, listicles, reviews, where-to, why, how I, questions, challenges, and lessons learned post types. Keep in mind, the goal of these articles will be to attract, educate, and entertain readers and new potential customers related to our business.

Check out the Blog Post Idea Generator inside RightBlogger.

19. Write a Blog Post:

Produce SEO-friendly blog posts that captivate your readers and rank well in search engines.

You're a veteran writer and content marketer with experience writing highly engaging blog posts without fluff, that take your readers on a journey to accomplishing their goals. Write an SEO-friendly blog post discussing [TOPIC FOR YOUR BLOG POST] geared towards our audience of [YOUR AUDIENCE]. Don't use cheesy phrases or terminology, keep your article straight to the point, have some fun with voice and tone but don't get too creative. Draw inspiration from other successful articles on this topic, when optimizing the post for SEO on the keyword phrase ["YOUR TARGET KEYWORD PHRASE"]. Include all the most important sections according to current top-ranking Google search results for this keyword phrase. Write at least 1,200 words.

Check out the flagship Article Writer tool inside RightBlogger.

ChatGPT Prompts for Copywriting

The difference between copywriting and content marketing, is that copywriting is geared a bit more towards selling, while content marketing is typically designed to attract and educate new potential customers.

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Here are my favorite ChatGPT prompts for copywriters to make your life a little easier.

20. Write Landing Page Copy:

Create persuasive landing page content that converts visitors into customers using proven copywriting techniques.

You're an expert copywriter with a track record of writing landing pages that successfully convert new visitors into customers. Using the direct response copywriting format and PAS framework (problem-agitate-solution), write a draft of a landing page for [PRODUCT NAME] with more information available at [PAGE OR ATTACHMENT WITH PRODUCT DETAILS]. Don't be afraid to meet common objections had on. In your landing page copy generation, have fun and be creative with the style & tone, but don't go overboard. Don't be cheesy, don't use tired stories or lame examples. Stay focused on the goal of encouraging visitors to [YOUR GOAL—COMPLETE A PURCHASE, SUBSCRIBE, TAKE AN ACTION], and make sure every section serves an important purpose.

21. Write FAQ Content:

Develop a comprehensive FAQ section to address common customer questions and enhance user experience.

Write a set of detailed and helpful FAQs for our [PRODUCT NAME] located at [PRODUCT PAGE]. Be sure to include answers to all the most commonly asked questions according to online searches and Google's People Also Ask suggestions. Use an authoritative, helpful tone, and don't be cheesy or superfluous. If you don't know an answer, skip the question. If your answer requires further research or additional reading for a user, cite your sources for where the user can continue researching and encourage them to read more. Learn from all the knowledge available on [YOUR WEBSITE].

Check out the FAQ tool inside RightBlogger.

ChatGPT Prompts for PR (Public Relations)

For me, public relations, outreach, and spreading the word about the things I’m building, often falls by the wayside on my list of things to do. Having AI step in and give me an assist with these efforts, is a huge help.

22. Write a Press Release:

Craft professional press releases that highlight your product’s unique features and attract media attention.

You're an experienced public relations pro with a knack for writing natural and relatable sounding press releases that aren't cheesy or over the top on tone. Prepare a press announcement for the debut of our latest product [YOUR PRODUCT NAME], highlighting its unique attributes. Use this list of product features and selling points to form the core of the press release: Feature one. Feature two. Feature three. Be sure to include clear mentions of the key selling points of our product, below. Focus the press release on making it obvious why our product should be purchased, who it's best for, and be sure to give members of the press reason to want to write about the product. Use these selling points in the press release: Selling point one. Selling point two. Selling point three.

Check out the Press Release tool inside RightBlogger.

ChatGPT Prompts for Affiliate Marketing

Last but certainly not least, here are my picks for the most useful affiliate marketing ChatGPT prompts to use for recruiting new affiliates and actually getting their attention.

23. Identify New Potential Affiliates:

Find potential affiliate partners who align with your brand and can help drive sales.

Create a list of at least 10 potential new affiliate partners or influencers who are aligned to promote my product [YOUR PRODUCT NAME] available at [YOUR PRODUCT PAGE]. These affiliates should be a mix of individual creators/influencers, publishers, and brands that have topical authority and an engaged audience in the [YOUR INDUSTRY] space. Make sure the suggested potential affiliates have posted at least once in the last 30 days to their main social media accounts.

24. Write an Affiliate Outreach Email:

Compose effective outreach emails to invite potential affiliates to join your program and promote your product.

You're an experienced outreach email copywriter that knows how to get opens and replies on your cold emails. Draft a short, concise email with less than 100 words that invites new potential affiliates to join the affiliate program for my product [YOUR PRODUCT] with more details available at [YOUR PRODUCT PAGE]. Using the information available about our affiliate program here [AFFILIATE PROGRAM DETAILS PAGE], write a persuasive email using the main selling points of the program and what the affiliate stands to gain from promoting our product.

How to Develop Your Own ChatGPT Prompts for Marketing Efforts

I’ve hand-picked my favorite examples of ChatGPT prompts for marketing here, but this is far from everything I’ve developed. I’ll be adding more soon!

In the meantime, it’ll help a lot for you to learn how to fish, for yourself. This section will guide you through the process of how to create your own ChatGPT marketing prompts, so you can get the most out of ChatGPT today.

Provide Context and Detail to Optimize Your ChatGPT Marketing Prompts

Begin by giving ChatGPT a clear understanding of your requirements. The more specific the details, the more on-point the response will always be. For example, instead of asking for “blog post ideas,” on a particular topic, use the ChatGPT prompt above that specifies exactly what you want.

Here’s that article ideas prompt, one more time for ya:

You're an experienced content marketer. Propose 25 new article ideas about [SUBJECT] that haven't been covered on [YOUR WEBSITE URL] and tailor these ideas to our audience of [DESCRIBE YOUR AUDIENCE]. These article ideas should include a mix of formats and angles including how-to, what is/are, mistakes to avoid, tutorials, reader questions, listicles, reviews, where-to, why, how I, questions, challenges, and lessons learned post types. Keep in mind, the goal of these articles will be to attract, educate, and entertain readers and new potential customers related to our business.

Be Specific

Narrow down your request as much as possible, to help eliminate ambiguity. If you need a blog title, specify the subject matter, target audience, and tone.

This could look like, “Generate a catchy, informative blog title for promoting my blog post on the topic of eco-friendly gardening practices to urban millennials.”

Use Appropriate Language

The words you choose can influence the type of response you receive. Use terminology that aligns with your industry and matches the formality or informality of your intended audience.

Give More Context When Asking for a Revision

If a response doesn’t quite meet your expectations, provide additional information to guide the AI’s next attempt. For example, “These blog titles were too formal; generate 10 more title options that are more casual and fun.”

Cross-Check the Answers

AI loves to make things up when it doesn’t have an answer readily available—people pleasing, much? Always verify the accuracy and relevance of AI-generated content.

ChatGPT can provide information based on its training data up until its last update, but it’s essential to ensure that facts are current and correct, especially in rapidly-changing fields.

Experiment with Different Formats and Structures

Don’t hesitate to test various prompt structures to see which actually yields the best results. For example, asking a question versus outlining a scenario can lead to different types of responses, and you might find one more effective than the other for your needs.

Implement Feedback Loops

Use the outputs as a learning tool for both you and the AI. If certain prompts consistently lead to better results, analyze why and refine your approach accordingly. Similarly, if some prompts don’t work well, adjust them based on the feedback you gather.

Using AI to Develop and Hone Your Marketing Strategy

AI tools are incredibly helpful with many things when it comes to marketing. However, developing a marketing strategy is something best led by humans first, and then you can use AI to help fill in the gaps and generate more specific action items once you know how you’re going to approach your marketing efforts.

RightBlogger: Our Alternative to ChatGPT for Marketers

While ChatGPT is no doubt a super useful marketing tool, mastering prompt engineering can be time-consuming, and might not always fit into your busy schedule.

If you know what you want to create, AI tools specifically designed for marketers, content agencies, and bloggers will be a much more effective alternative for you. Tools like ours are equipped with ready-made templates to help streamline your workflow by reducing the need for intricate ChatGPT marketing prompts, saving you time, and improving your results. Enter RightBlogger.

RightBlogger Homepage Screen Shot

RightBlogger is our AI-powered content creation platform crafted specifically for marketers, bloggers, and creators of all kinds. We’ve packed more than 75 tools tailored to various marketing needs, including blogging, sales, SEO, and productivity.

Here are a few key tools I love most inside RightBlogger, that are geared towards my fellow marketers:

  • Article Writer: Quickly generate initial drafts for your marketing content and move swiftly from planning to execution.
  • Keyword Research: Conduct keyword research directly within the platform, streamlining your workflow by keeping all your content activities in one centralized location.
  • Chat: After creating your content, engage with RightBlogger’s chat feature to refine and enhance your drafts based on AI-driven suggestions.
RightBlogger Chat feature
  • Content Gap Analysis: Evaluate your existing content against top-ranking articles on Google to identify areas for improvement and optimization.
  • Keyword Cluster: Effortlessly create topic clusters to organize your blog content strategically, enhancing both readability and SEO performance.

Making Sense of ChatGPT Prompts for Marketing

While it’s no question that ChatGPT absolutely rules, it’s not perfect, either. Its best performance really demands a deep understanding of prompt engineering—a skill not all marketers have the time to perfect.

That’s why I put together this list, to provide you with my top ChatGPT prompts for marketing, and to guide you with some practical insights on creating your own prompts.

Whether you’re crafting compelling content, engaging with customers, or analyzing market trends, mastering these prompts can significantly enhance your marketing efforts.

I wanna invite you to try RightBlogger, too. This is my specialized set of high-impact AI tools for marketers, that simplifies the creation process and helps you spend more time getting real results. When it comes to digital marketing, the right tools can make all the difference.

You can try out RightBlogger now for free. No credit card required.