In the world of writing and content creation, AI has made a big splash. But, can you tell if content is written by AI or a human? This has been a big question no matter if you’re trying to rank an article on Google or grading your student’s exams.

The straight answer is no. While text that is poorly prompted may be obvious to tell that AI wrote it there is no fool proof way of detecting AI written text. It’s really tough to tell the difference.

Here, we’ll dive into what experts from OpenAI and Google have to say about this.

AI content detection indicating parts of the Bible are written with AI
AI content detection indicating parts of the Bible are written with AI

OpenAI Speaks Out

OpenAI, one of the key names in AI and the company behind ChatGPT, has shared that the tools made to spot AI-written content don’t really work. A piece on Ars Technica talked about how OpenAI said current tools can’t reliably tell AI and human writing apart. This shows that it’s hard to come up with a way to spot the difference and any tool trying to sell you on AI content detection

Google’s Take

Google sees it a bit differently. They don’t mind if content is made with the help of AI, as long as it’s really good. In a blog post, Google said it’s okay to use AI tools for creating content if the end result is top-notch. They highlight that it’s up to you, the human in charge, to use tools like RightBlogger to start with a great first draft, and then make it your own.

Making the Most of AI Tools

Since it’s hard to spot AI content, it’s important to keep a personal touch when you write. Tools like RightBlogger help you get a good start. But, the special part comes when you add your own thoughts, style, and real-life stories. This way, you make the content special and high-quality.

Your role is key. You take the first draft from AI, add your flair, and check to make sure it’s great. This personal touch is what makes your content stand out from the rest.


Worries about spotting AI content might stick around, but what matters most is the quality of what you write. Whether you use AI tools like RightBlogger or write from scratch, the goal is to make high-quality, fun, and honest content that connects with readers.

By working together with AI tools, and adding your own human touch, you’re on the right path to making great content at faster speeds.