In the ever-evolving journey of a blogger, entrepreneur or content creator of any kind, finding the drive to keep going is an (often inner) struggle we all wrestle with from time to time.

Whether you’re just starting out on your blogging journey, or you’ve been navigating the content creation world for years, the challenge of staying motivated as a creator, remains universally relatable. My own experience is a testament to the fact that what keeps me ticking today, differs greatly from what motivated me a decade ago.

The secret to my (more) sustained motivation in my businesses? It’s shockingly simple, yet subtly profound: infusing play into my blogging & creative process.

Let me walk you through this approach that’s kept my blogging flame burning over the years.

1. Finding Play in My Creative Process

The cornerstone of my motivation to keep blogging, now more than 12+ years into this party, is the pursuit of having fun and expressing myself creatively.

This concept transcends just enjoyment; it’s about making each aspect of blogging—from writing posts to recording podcasts, making videos, or teaching—a playground for creative experimentation and innovation.

Take for example, how Andy (my co-founder here at RightBlogger) & I recently began recording videos together once a week. It’s given us both a much-needed creative spark, and it’s been a breathe of fresh air to mix up the ways we connect with other creators, like you. Creating together, makes our business more fun.

RightBlogger Video Recording (Andy and Ryan)

Why is it important to find play in your work?

The answer lies in the nature of creativity itself—creative expression (play) is the fuel that powers the engine of creating enjoyable, original content, in the first place. If you’re not having fun and enjoying the process, you’re setting yourself up for eventual failure.

I’m sure you’ve seen videos where the creator is obviously disengaged, or just showing up because they need to, for one reason or another. You can feel it, because it’s impossible to hide disinterest.

Keeping creative expression and play close to the surface in your work, will sustain your fulfilling connection to why you’re still running your business.

I say this, knowing what the opposite feels like. I went through a period of years where I was largely unfulfilled in my blog business. But when I stopped viewing blogging as a set of tasks I needed to do, and started seeing it as an opportunity to play, everything changed.

I found joy in experimenting with new formats, tackling topics from unconventional angles, and letting my unique voice shine through.

This approach not only kept me engaged but also resonated with my audience, creating a more vibrant, engaged community around my content—which fuels my motivation in an entirely different, beautiful way.

2. Allowing My Business to Change with Me

As my blogging journey has unfolded, my interests and priorities in life have inevitably shifted quite a lot over the past decade and change.

Ryan Robinson Blogger Head Shot Chicago Camera

Topics that once captivated me now lack the excitement, and the challenge of keeping my-changing-self interested in the businesses I’ve built, has only grown.

Embracing the (inevitable) changes within, and allowing those shifts to be ok inside my business, has signaled a big shift in my motivation to continue with my blog. Staying true to my passions and continually seeking out new ones, has become a good thing, with the potential to positively impact the growth of my business, rather than a distraction to either avoid or silo off from my work.

This more dynamic approach to keeping my genuine interests close to the surface within my work, keeps my content fresh and my enthusiasm high.

Plus, as I explore new topics and experiment with different content formats, I not only expand my own skills & interests, but also offer my audience a richer, more diverse experience.

Staying curious, learning continuously, and embracing change have been key decisions I’ve made in the pursuit of staying engaged with my blogging business.

3. Staying Connected with Real People

Perhaps the most significant source of motivation for me lately, has been the deep connection I share with my readers, viewers, and listeners.

Reading and responding to emails, comments, and questions from the real people who come across my content, helps me provide direct value in a way that feels so special & rewarding. And when I can hop on a call with my peeps, or meet up in-person, it’s even more special.

Take for example, just the other day I spend half an hour chatting with RightBlogger customer, Mark G—something I do with any of our customers that wanna chat with me about blogging, AI, or hey, even just life.

Ryan and Mark RightBlogger Customer Interview Screen Shot

Each interaction like this is a reminder of the impact my work can have on others, fueling my drive to keep creating and sharing as I go. This sense of community is what makes blogging so uniquely fulfilling to me.

Engaging with my audience has not only kept me motivated but has also played a crucial role in shaping the direction of my content. Listening to their feedback, understanding their challenges, and responding to their needs has allowed me to create more meaningful and impactful content.

This is the kind of win-win symbiotic relationship that enriches both my blogging experience and the value I provide to the peeps that resonate with me.

Final Thoughts on Staying Motivated in Business (and in Blogging)

The journey to stay motivated in blogging (and in business) is both challenging and incredibly rewarding for me.

The key in my world, has been to find play in the workflow, embrace the creative process, and connect with my audience in meaningful ways. This approach has transformed my blogging work into an exciting adventure that I look forward to every day.

I encourage you, my friend, to explore what makes you tick, infuse creativity into your work, and really thoughtfully maintain a genuine connection with your customers, clients, or audience.

By keeping your focus on these fulfilling aspects of why you chose to start a business in the first place, you’ll not only sustain your motivation for longer periods of time, but also enrich your community with your unique voice and perspective.

Keep your fire burning bright, one post, video, and podcast at a time. And of course, embrace periods of rest, relaxation, and reflection—as much as you can ☺️