In the world of SEO, good keyword research helps your website show up better on search engines. Even though many people use regular keyword tools, adding ChatGPT can make a big difference.

Today, we’ll show you how to use ChatGPT for keyword research by creating a keyword cluster. This is essential when trying to cover a large range of topics on your blog to rank.

Keyword Cluster ChatGPT Prompt

Now, let’s make a keyword cluster using ChatGPT.

Using the prompt:

Create a keyword cluster for the parent keyword: [TOPIC]. Cluster the keywords into groups based on their relevance.

This will get ChatGPT to make a keyword list that’s well-organized.

Keyword cluster in ChatGPT

For example we can use the prompt to replace [TOPIC] with photography. If you use this prompt, ChatGPT might group keywords under labels like “Types of Photography”, “Photography Tools”, “Taking Photos”, “Types of Photos”, and more. This helps you plan and write your content in a better way.


Adding ChatGPT to your keyword research can help a lot. It’s great for getting new keyword ideas, learning about related topics, and making a full keyword cluster. But remember, ChatGPT doesn’t replace your usual keyword tools (like RightBlogger’s keyword research tool). It’s just an extra helper in the keyword research process. By using ChatGPT and your other tools together, you can find new ways to make your website show up better on search engines.

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