About RightBlogger

We’re here to help you build a profitable blog. Collectively, we have more than 25 years of experience building blogs that reach over 500,000+ monthly readers. Our websites have earned over $2 Million, and this blog is a collection of all our best advice.

RightBlogger is a side project by Ryan Robinson and Jeremy Bittle, where we’ll be sharing everything we’ve learned along the way to growing profitable blog-based businesses.

Who is Ryan Robinson?

Full-time blogger and podcaster. Today, I teach 500,000+ monthly readers how to grow a profitable online business. My work has been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, Fast Company, Business Insider, LifeHacker and many more.

I’m a full-time blogger and content marketing consultant that works with Fortune 500 brands and startups like LinkedIn, Google, Adobe, Intuit, CreativeLive, Zendesk, Oracle and many more.

Over the past 10+ years, I’ve had a lot of ups and downs learning to sustain a profitable business—first with the iStash, then with Case Escape and in leading the content marketing for some of the San Francisco Bay Area’s top startups. Now, I’m sharing every lesson I’ve learned about building an online audience and growing a business.

Who is Jeremy Bittle?

SEO consultant extraordinaire. I grew up on Star Trek shows and Chess club like the rest of them. Instead of rocking the pocket protector, I grew my hair out and wrote all sorts of music, shredding lead guitar and synth lines. After all, consonance & dissonance is all just math anyways…

However, it’s not all about arithmetic and glasses, my ‘nerdiness’ prevailed in everything I pursued from Martial Arts, to Craft Cocktails, to Metaphysics. Didn’t matter what it was, I delved in subjects to learn everything I could in order to develop new, unique conclusions based on my knowledge derived from previous experience and absorption. ​

Today, I nerd out about Search Algorithms. SEO has been a relentlessly interesting industry to immerse myself in.